Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Orleans

Last weekend we had a fantastic time visiting Mark's family in New Orleans.  It was the first time in ages that we've been there in nice weather, so we spent half our time in one park or another.  Owen has discovered the joy of the swing.

We took an absurd number of pictures (seriously, 300+ over the course of 3 days).  I've actually been putting this off because it's too hard to pick a reasonable number of pictures to post, but maybe I'll just spread the picture dump over several days.

Rory had this toy accordian that was a huge hit with all the boys, even our newest musician.

We took the streetcar from Rory's place, as per normal.  After a nap on his uncle's shoulder, Nate's cowlick started taking over his whole head.

Then we head out to Audubon Park, with it's absolutely amazing trees.

We had a leaf fight under this tree.

The price of this shot:  I spent the next fifteen minutes pulling bits of leaves out of my bra.

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