Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It starts early

Several months back, when the boys were having a hard time cleaning up like I'd asked them to, I was inspired.  I grabbed Nate's stuffed lamb, channeled Lamb Chop as best as I could, and had Flower ask them for me.  Presto!  The playroom was clean in no time.  And ever since then I've been periodically bombarded with requests to "Make Flower talk!  Make Flower talk!"

So now the boys are the ones making everyone talk.  Nate, in particular, can give voice to just about anything.  In the last few months he's made a puppet out of a spoon, a cube, a vast assortment of his stuffed animals, an equally vast assortment of matchbox cars, his toes, and, on one pointedly ignored occasion, his penis.

Boys are different.

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