Thursday, January 7, 2010

3D bird masks

As a teacher I was terrible at coming up with my own ideas, but I could always steal others' ideas and make them work for my own situation.  Homeschooling seems to work the same for me.  This fun 3D bird drawing went over great with the boys. 

I folded the paper as directed, then stapled the beaks to paper plates.  The boys saw this and immediately turned them into masks.  They decorated a bit

and then a bit more

and then we spent the next half hour flying them around the house.

Mine says "tweet" and eats berries, Noah's says "quack" and eats worms, and Nate's makes airplane sounds and eats oatmeal (of course!). 


  1. Melissa, I'm so happy to hear you're homeschooling! You've got a lot of great ideas I'll be able to use with Luke next year :-)


  2. Well, homeschooling is still actually up in the air. But I'm having a blast right now! I need to get a blog roll up, since seriously 95% of the artsy stuff we do is stolen from somewhere on the interwebs.