Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pick and Draw

Mommies Little Artist is hosting this giveaway of Pick and Draw, a cartoon-face drawing game.  Noah and I tried it out today, and he absolutely loved it!  He did the sample game dozens of times--I thought he'd get bored with it, but he seemed to enjoy doing the same one with just slight variations each time.


Mommy's version

This was a huge hit, and did exactly what I hoped it would: give Noah a head start (ha!) to really getting creative. 


  1. Hi Melissa
    I am the developer of Pick and Draw game and it thrills me to see the pictures that Noah drew! I think it is really neat that he was not content to just do it once! Something I like to do once kids have drawn a cartoon face from the game is have them "name it"...."tell something that character likes to do (maybe playing ping pong or eating spaghetti...whatever)" and what the character's favorite kind of ice cream is. This will help the faces he's already drawn come more alive to him. Then lead him to "writing a story" about his character...a story goes...introduce the character; tell something they like to do; present a problem; solve the problem; happy ending.
    In that he has so many faces already, perhaps his story could be that these are all brothers from the same family and let him think up what happens to them? Might surprise you what kind of ideas he comes up with! He may be a little too young to write the story down but if you had time, perhaps you could be his stenographer?
    That would make a great followup post from what you have wonderfully presented above.
    Go Mom!

    Rich Davis

  2. What a fun idea! We're going to have to try this. Already I'm hoping that this is going to provide the breakthrough I've been waiting for, where he finally starts adding more thought and detail to his drawings. This morning he wanted to draw a "portrait" of one of his stuffed animals. Big step for him!