Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Pick and Draw fun

The creator of Pick and Draw, Rich Davis, thrilled me by showing up on my post about his game and leaving some great suggestions on how to extend the fun.  I loved the idea to use the faces to illlustrate and dictate a story, but Noah couldn't be pinned down for that one.  He was, however, game for making some puppets, so that's what we did.

I cut a page of cardstock into 6 pieces and let him go at it.  We glued the pictures to popsicle sticks, and voila!  Simple puppets.

Nate at some point decided that his guy, Dem, was eating a brownie, and then a pink brownie. 

Dem is quite the messy eater.


  1. what fun! What a great idea...pick an draw puppet faces!
    Love it

    rich davis

  2. I'm seeing a little puppet show coming on with these great faces...kids would really get into "making up the voices for each one of these faces and making up a funny little skit for them. I think a shoe box when turned on it's side with the hole facing the audience and cutting a long horizontal row hole in the bottom that they could stick the puppets up through might do it. They could decorate the back of the "stage" in the box and get somebody to hold a flashlight on the front for 'lighting".
    might be fun....don't forget to have the movie camera ready!
    Lights, camera, ACTION!