Thursday, January 28, 2010

Texas snowman

This winter has already seen the most snow of any year since I moved to Texas, but even our stunning white Christmas didn't produce enough snow for a real snowman.  So we decided to make our own instead.

I folded over a large sheet of craft paper, then sketched and cut out the snowman figures.  The boys each decorated one.  Nate wanted me to help him, but really I just kept a hand on the marker and he did most of the drawing himself. 

Noah's snowman

Nate had to add mittens and feet, just like Noah's.

Noah stapled them together most of the way around, and then we crumpled up some newspaper to stuff the snowman. 

Don't make my mistake--after I took this picture, I realized we'd never be able to reach all the way to the top.  I had to take out some of the staples on the side to be able to stuff the head.

I tried to get the bottom flat enough and full enough that Frosty could stand on his own.  He's not quite independent, but close.

Now we just need to break out the cotton balls and have another indoor "snowball" fight.

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