Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shel Silverstein line drawings

A Mommy's Adventures hosts this lovely little link-up:

Noah has discovered Shel Silverstein and has been devouring A Light in the Attic over the last week.  So, one day after Quiet Time, we made our own silly line drawings to go with Silverstein's silly poems.

I proposed that I read him a poem, he draw a picture to match, and then he could see the illustration in the book, but he wasn't having it.  I think he was a little intimidated--he's such a perfectionist, and I think he believed his drawings needed to mirror the originals. 

So we turned things around.  He read me a few poems, then I sketched a picture to match.  Once he saw that my pictures could be different than the books' but still be silly, he was ready to go.  I read him Play Ball:

Play Ball
Okay, let's play, I think that we
Have everyone we need.
I'll be the strong-armed pitcher
Who can throw with blinding speed.
And Pete will be the catcher
Who squats low and pounds his mitt,
And Mike will be the home-run king
Who snarls and waits to hit
One, loud and long and hard and high,
Way out beyond the wall.
So let's get start-- What? You? Oh, yes,
You can be the ball!

and here's the result:

(pardon the wrinkles--evidently someone snatched it out of the book and trampled it on the ground before I could get a picture)

The only problem we ran into was that he'd already read his way through the book, so he had already seen all of the illustrations.  In a few months I'll check out another Silverstein book and we'll try this again before he's seen all the pictures.


  1. What a great picture and project. I love Shel Silverstein books!!!

    Thank you for joining stART and linking up this week :0)