Friday, February 19, 2010

Juice lid art

We go through bucketfuls of juice around here--I can polish off a container of orange juice in a day, and the boys are nearly as bad with their grape juice.  I've been saving the lids from the juice canisters for a while now, trying to think of some way to recycle them.  I had some vague ideas of using them to make a game, or maybe a mobile, but today I just pulled out the permanent markers and let them have at it.

A loop of tape on the back, and they stuck beautifully to the latest art gallery, the front door.

That's Nate's flower in the lower left corner.  He kept having me help him draw things, then coloring them in so that the lid was completely covered.

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  1. Great idea!!!! I have not even thought about saving juice tops!!!

    FYI, I believe this is my first time on your blog and I noticed that you said you are a "math geek" in your profile. ME TOO!!!!! It is nice to find others out there like me! :-)

    Thanks for linking up!