Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A lovely life

It's been a lovely few days.  First of all, no one is sick!  It was four days from when Nate got sick to when I did, and then another four days later it was Noah. Yesterday was another four days, and I was really holding my breath, but Mark and Owen seem to have escaped it.

So, we've had fun with the neighbor boys. 

And bubbles.

And cuddles.

We've discussed how cheese is made, and ketchup too.  (Did you know people make homemade ketchup?  Crazy!)

We've enjoyed lollipops

and taking pictures of crazy Daddy.

Noah took this one!

We saw friends at the rec center, and then again at the mall.

We grew salt crystals

and investigated the resemblance between Grover's nose and a certain part of Mommy's anatomy.

A conversation:  "Mommy, how do people in Arizona get rid of their trash?"  "Well, mostly the garbage trucks pick it up, just like here."  "But Mommy," in his best I know you're just being silly voice, "how do they get over all those bumpy bumpy cactuses?"

Today we hit the library (it's been over a week, so of course we need a fresh stack). 

Then off to the park.

Time for a nap.

Then bead necklaces

to match the oh-so-cool candy braclets from Target.



  1. They are all getting so big! LOL @ the Grover pic and the AZ question...did you have him call Aunt Sara?

  2. Laura, the Grover thing was hilarious. He so badly wanted to latch on, and was SO MAD that it just didn't work.

    I talked and talked trying to convince Noah that Arizona has actual roads and the like, but he's still not entirely believing me. Maybe Sara will have better luck.