Sunday, February 14, 2010

How do you mend a broken heart?

This week for stART we read One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell.  It was a spontaneous library pick, cute but not especially memorable.  I liked it mostly for the page with lots of hearts in various sizes patterned in various ways.

We decided to make several different types of Valentines for our friends.  First up were typical collage heart Valentines.  I showed Noah how to cut out a heart from a folded sheet of paper. Then came the fun part:  glue sticks!  I don't know why they like glue sticks so much.

We also made some play clay hearts, using this cornstarch clay recipe from 5 Orange Potatoes

The idea was to string them up and give them as necklaces, but between sickness and snow I never had a chance to get any ribbon.  So theyl'll just hold a lollipop and that's it, once we finally see friends to give these to them.

And, finally, we also tried to make some heart-shaped crayons to give to friends, using the crayon-making kit Santa brought Noah for Christmas.  (Santa couldn't find the actual Crayola Crayon-Making Kit that Noah requested.  Santa also thought said kit was seriously overpriced.  So Santa hit the thrift store instead.)

The crayons turned out beautiful. 

But.  Getting them out of the mold proved impossible to do without chipping the hearts.  One of them broke into three different pieces.  Not the message we were trying to send!  So I tried warming them in the toaster oven--I was hoping to get them just soft enough to be fixable.  But I left them in too long, and ended up with a big puddle of crayon wax.

So it was back to the drawing board.  I reasoned that, since spraying the heck out of the mold with Pam (aka my usual solution for every sticky situation) had not worked, maybe filling the molds with water would keep the wax from sticking. 

Well, the crayons did come out of the mold okay.  And the tops looked lovely.  But flip them over, and:


So tell me, if anyone is still reading this and actually knows, how DO you mend a broken (crayon) heart?

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