Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roller coaster life

The official snow total for Thursday was 12.5 inches--the all-time single-day record for Dallas.  It was more like 6 or 7 inches for us, but still an insane amount of snow, and incredibly beautiful.  Enough even for a real Texas snowman.  So that was the plan for Friday:  build a snowman or two, drink hot chocolate, gaze out the window.

The reality for Friday:  Noah woke up throwing up.  He spent the day laying on the sofa and watching TV.  (At least we didn't lose power.)  Nate was still too intimidated to venture out alone, and I couldn't leave Noah.  And so.  They both missed what will probably be THE snow of their whole childhood. 

Oh well.  They did get to play on Thursday.  And there was enough snow left today for Mark to take Nate out and help him make this:
It's snow-Beaker!

And Noah is mostly feeling better, and Owen is cute as always.

So I guess we're on our way back up.  But I'm dreading this coming Tuesday.

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