Monday, February 22, 2010

Representative art!

Nate has been going through one of those big jumps kids do.  Usually it's hard for me to define exactly what the change is, but this time it's easy.  Art with meaning!  He's drawing things:  himself, a bird, me.  He's got a specific idea for what he's doing, even if it's not at all apparent to anyone else.

He's drawn other things that are more easily decipherable, but this one is my favorite so far:

Now this may look like a heart surrounded by circles, but not according to Nate.  He had me help him draw the heart.  Then, starting in the lower left hand corner and working generally counterclockwise, this is what he drew:

My hair (it goes all the way around my head)
My bottom
My legs (the two lines above my head)
My shoes
His hair
His shoes
    and then across the top of the heart
His nose
My nose
Owen's nose
Gramma's nose
Munner's nose

His comment on seeing this hung up later:  "I dwew a wot of noses!"

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