Monday, January 4, 2010

Glittery snowman

Today Noah announced that he wanted to do some glitter art.  With glitter glue and glitter and sparkles.  And I think, hmmm.  I've really tried to give him space to create as he will, but it sounded like he just basically wanted to make a mess, and at 5 mess-making with our nicer materials is just getting old. 

So we talked about respecting our art supplies, and we talked about what his plans were.  At first there were none, but with a little prodding he came up with making a snowman scene.  His eyes started lighting up, as a vision of his project launched itself in his head. 

Maybe I need to push a little more structure onto our open-ended art.  He looked so excited have a direction in mind.  I'm still calling this our glitter-themed Open Ended Art, as it was really all him.  And it turned out so cute.  No pictures this time, since halfway through this Nate woke up and threw a still-tired, snotty-nosed fit for the next 20 minutes.  Sigh.

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